Yes, Super Raccoon Guy is going to be scrapped. I can not tell you ALL the details, but I can tell you it will be replaced by a game very similar, and more easier to make than SRG -.- … Yeah… Please, I know its bad (to some of you…), but I’ve decided to work on something else.


   Epic, isn’t it? xD Yeah… I’ve got nothing else to say..

Dinosaurs? Ok… I knew all along xD.. Let me tell you what exactly Im working on..

After Raccoon Sam leaves from Raccoon Island, he goes too a far away place and accidently stumbles upon a hole in the ground. He goes in it, reavealing a secret tunnel (about 3 feat) to an bigger one (30 feat, and the beginning is the picture above), in it is very much vegatation and a waterfall falls from a hole in the tunnel, thus, providing water and food for them..

Today, I was attacked by the same virus once again. Then I log off my computer, and find that almost EVERYTHING was wiped out… I can’t restore it to it’s original state… :(… Almost half of Super Raccoon Guy is missing… Im am working as hard as I can to get them back and/or make them again from scratch… :(. If you really know me, you’d know I forget my passwords alot… So I might have to make another xat account, I was lucky I remembered this one… Please, don’t rush me on this.. It’s going to be awhile.

Here we have two screenshots, one is the old version, and one is the new version, which one should I use?


Or two:

I’ll let you guys decide in the poll below this :D.

Since SRG doesn’t have a company, and Im currently working on 5 differrent types at once, (SRG series, Attack Of The Aliens, Donkey Pong, etc), I decided to make a company like Nintendo (PLEASE DON’T SUE MEH!), so I came up with WINTENDO! We put the win in Wintendo :p, this will soon have it’s own website. Buh bye.

Hi, I have been currently taking a break from SRG for about 2 weeks now xD… It’ll last until the 1st of January, but, World 1 is almost complete, and that means, when world 2 is complete, I’ll release a demo :d, now don’t get your hopes up, this demo will only have about 5 levels, only because I don’t want to ruin the entire game xD, you can expect the demos release somewhere in Febuary, or maybe in March, depends on how big World 2 is.