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This is the site for all your info on Super Raccoon Guy!
   This episode on SMBX will be my first complete one, it will feature some
custom graphics,
8 worlds, and some bonus ones.
  Here’s a list of all the worlds.
World 1: Grassy Grass Hills    
World 2: High Cliffs                       
World 3: Big Island                    
World 4: Mushroom Pass          
World 5: Another Island             
World 6: UnderGround Passage
World 7: Secret Base                  
And the story of course:
 “One day, Raccoon Sam was taking a walk when he heard a loud THUD! He ran over to
his village, and it had been attacked by King Kooper’s doomship, Sam and his fellow
Raccoons had came where King Kooper did, only they left to live a better life, King Kooper
was mad at them for not being his slaves anymore, so he plans to destroy all Raccoon kind,
becareful though, each area is harder than the last!”