Gromb-Bob: A walking mushroom with no arms.

Kuppa: A four legged turtle: ParaKuppa: A Kuppa which can fly.

Fly Trap: A 3′ tall plant with sharp teeth, and a appetite for Raccoons.

Hammer Kuppa: A special trained Kuppa to throw hammers at any Raccoon.

Buzzy Tayh: A specise of Kuppa with has a light blue shell, and can’t be killed by fire.

Spike: Another specise of Kuppa who is like a Buzzy Tayh, only with an orange shell with 6 spikes.


King Kooper:

King Kooper is the leader and most powerful of the Turtle like Kuppa race, and is the evil archnemesis of Sam, beginning with his first appearance, in the game Super Raccoon Guy. His plans usually involve destroying all the Raccoons and attempting to take over the Raccoon Race.

Kooper Jr.:

Kooper Jr. is King Koopers loyal son, but to other Kuppas think he is real annoying, he will shoot fire at you if you anger him, and he is the pilot of King Koopers 7 Airships, leaving only one for King Kooper to pilot, he is very interested in the Raccoon race and usually has plans different than King Koopers, sometimes he even savatage King Koopers plans.

More coming soon!

Coming Soon: Pictures, More info, And more enemeys!


2 Responses to “Enemys”

  1. Sherrie Says:

    KING KOOPER IS EVIL MAN D:< Making Raccoons die? ):

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